Kowloon – behind LRM Locus' new piece – article by Simon Thompson

While we keep on at finnishing our next piece, titled "Kowloon", History, Arts,Travel, language, Writing and Architecture (to mention just some of his interests) intrepid connoisseur and mentor Simon Thompson took a peek and wrote about some of the ideas behind it

Mientras seguimos terminando nuestra nueva pieza, titulada "Kowloon", el intrépido epicúreo y mentor Simon Thompson ha echado una mirada y ha escrito sobre una de las ideas en que se basa 

       "LRM Locus presents a new piece that draws upon Kowloon for its inspiration …   

…Brought back to life Kowloon’s chaotic symphony is the focus for LRM Locus’s evocative performance"  

   "…Traída de vuelta al mundo, la caótica sinfonía de Kowloon es el objeto de la evocativa performance de LRM Locus"  

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