JLPA : on Memory Root Light by LRM Performance - Crítica

Memory Root Light - LRM Performance. Photo: Alfredo Delgado


 During our latest dress rehearsal – or Open studio if you prefer –  
we had the pleasure of meeting José Luis Palacios, cultural manager, communicator, engineer and humanist. 
He expresses his impressions on our work In his blog about Crítics & reflections : 

       "we were honored to attend to a new piece by LRM Performance entitled Memory Root Light at the authors'  
(Berta Delgado and David Aladro-Vico)  studio. 
Many are the feelings and mental processes coming up while watching it

It really is a kind of bacteria that enters your brain and develops inside yourself the days after viewing. 
With caustic, sinister and captivating music (in quadraphonic sound) automatic lighting and structures and shapes of irregular movements a series of scenes unfold before our eyes. 

Sometimes blurred sometimes clearer, your brain involuntarily tries to recreate a rational plot, but every time logic has to change because the scene changes and there are no clues. 
Planets, dream worlds, 2001, spooky animals, microorganisms, experiments at the species level, fearful and feared creatures, surveillance, lyricism, quests ... are some of the mental experiences I felt while watching it. It is not easy, because around half hour through your mind tries to relax but the performance goes on for about twenty minutes more. 

Nearly an hour of intense dreamlike high-quality performance. A great production labour, hard work and a lot of imagination and talent is what emerges in this new piece by LRM "

LRM Performance (Locus) - Memory Root Light  (photo: Alfredo Delgado)
            Este último ensayo abierto – open studio, si se prefiere –  tuvimos el placer de conocer a José Luis Palacios,  gestor cultural, comunicador, ingeniero y humanista.  

En su blog de Crítica y reflexiones  nos ha dejado sus impresiones sobre nuestro trabajo Memory Root Light

" […] Muchos son los sentimientos y procesos mentales que se desarrollan en su visionado. 
Realmente es una suerte de bacteria que se te introduce en el cerebro y que vas desarrollando en tu interior los días sucesivos  […]  

El cerebro involuntariamente intenta recrear un argumento racional, aunque cada vez que lo hace tiene que cambiar de lógica […] 

Casi una hora de intensa performance onírica de gran calidad. Un gran trabajo de producción, mucho esfuerzo y mucha imaginación y talento … "

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