Latest impressions on Memory Root Light

At our latest open dress we had the pleasure to have cultural manager Ana Pérez García and Communication Science professor Eva Aladro watch us rehearse.
[En nuestro pasado ensayo tuvimos el placer de recibir a Ana Pérez García , gestora Cultural y la profesora de Ciencias de la Comunicación Eva Aladro ]
    "Thank you for the invite and for all your magic. You deserve the best stages of the world", Ana tweeted after leaving our studio.

These are the impressions on Memory Root Light  from Eva Aladro in her Blog Hacer Algo con las Manos  (original spanish version here)

[ Estas son las impresiones de Eva Aladro sobre Memory Root Light en su Blog   "Hacer Algo con las Manos"  
Texto completo en Español Aquí ]

Memory Root Light - LRM Performance. Photo: Alfredo Delgado

     "The group LRM Performance has been working for many years on their performances combining visual arts, original music, dance and scenic effects. If you have not been lucky enough to attend ever, I recommend this practically unique experience in Madrid today.

It is quite incredible that Madrid is capable of entertaining these artists who have been consolidating their work for some time with a very careful and refined language, of which you can get acquainted with at their website 
Once you enter their world you will see how many beautiful things they have for you in a complete collection of artistic realizations that will never stop amazing you since you start  frequenting them.

This group is led by artists David Aladro-Vico, contemporary composer, and Berta Delgado, plastic artist. Collaborating with them on the occasion is the taiwanese dancer Jun-Shiu Liao. What they do is a complete and total work of art: not theater, as each presentation is unique, not dance as it contains original music and lighting, scenic, pictorial or sculptural effects which are created into the performance. 
They bring back this concept to provide a live art work to the senses, a real luxury. Hence, it is something unique, a complete experience from the artistic point of view, one that is unmatched right now.

The artists involved in LRM are the ones who give rise to these effects of their current performance, titled Memory Root Light. With their individual artistic work they die-cast a series of scenes or images presented to the viewer almost like a memory older than eyesight:  shadows, colors, sounds of a primordial world where the figures, which are sometimes mysterious shadows, move and are viewed more with the unconscious mind than with the rational mind, as they light up –pun intended, because of the constant play with the metaphor of lights and lanterns passing from one another– as in very far ports of an archaic maritime city, or in scenes from a tale of an immemorial world –our experiences–  and make us dream, or perhaps remember what we forgot day by day. 
Of this performace you come out richer, relaxed and full of artistic energy.

The play with sounds from David is masterful. The musician himself ensures that the entire presentation is perfect from the symphonic point of view. He created a quadraphonic sound space  into the big stage in which they work, where music is sometimes scenic, sometimes leading the plot, sometimes playing the role of bringing into the realm of this performance natural sounds which are very well embedded into the settings. 
The music of the performance is in many instances a masterpiece in itself, as throughout the final section, in which we see before us a kind of universe or universal life history evoked by the music. 
Curiously Berta Delgado does exactly the same thing with the language of light, projections and colors that surround us in such universe, but above all, it serves to make us enjoy their so well achieved harmonies and changes, and it is really wonderful to see how the artist works directly the technical field of lighting, because she gets wonderful aesthetic impressions, equal to seeing pictures literally melt in creation. Or sculptures, since these artists also use three-dimensionality in their presentation in a new way.

The work  –as usual in performances– is done as it goes on, in progress; has different parts or sections, and shows us in its quadrangular space a movement of figures, thanks to carts going to  and fro allowing the placing of objects or fabrics and cycloramas at any height of the scene. 
They play with shapes, transparencies, reliefs, volumes, also for the purpose of pleasing our sight and make it revive from the flat surfaces it usually moves these days, because of the tactile digitallity in which we usually stay.

As I say, it is a luxury to count on the infinite care that these accomplished artists give to their creation, live and directly, and the fusion the have accomplished along with dancer 廖云秀  (Yun-Hsiu Liao), who also brings in her beautiful oriental motion to the body language on stage. I would like to see this performance funded and promoted into a big cycle of cultural expression in this city so it could be enjoyed by many more viewers. I hope it happens promptly." 

Eva Aladro- Proffesor in Communication Theory, UCM University, Madrid