Why on White critique - LRM Locus: "Stove" Room Art Fair, nov. 23 2013

Julio Municio  attended our presentation  at The Room Art Fair 2013 curated by Nuria G / Veo Arte 

In his website Why on White  Municio wrote this about it: 

"LRM Performance presented their latest work in room 321 at the Room Art Fair # 3 - curated by Nuria García from Veo Arte and as usual, it was a huge success. 

Evoking the dreamlike atmosphere of their latest creation Memory Root Light, they built up a fleeting differentiated reality where light and the experimental music designed by David Aladro-Vico  became protagonists. 

A work that goes straight to the senses, to the viewer's most intimate perception of beauty.  
A little gem entitled  'Stove' "  

(original text in spanish here)

LRM Locus at the Room Art Fair - photo: Julio Municio

"LRM Performance construyeron una breve realidad diferenciada…Un trabajo que llega directo a los sentidos, a la percepción más intima … Una pequeña joya"
Julio Municio estuvo en Feria de Arte Emergente | ROOM ART FAIR en el espacio de Veo Arte en todas pArtes y nos dedica esta pequeña crítica: