Interview with LRM Locus by Arte A Un Click

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Interview with LRM Performance (Locus ) by Arte a un Click

- Such a novel  work as yours must also have artistic references, which ones?

Yes, many and from very different backgrounds: arts, science, daily life... but as Robert Fripp says, "in the creative leap, history waits outside." And in general, the more present your references are, the less original and interesting your work will be, so even if they exist, they must be tamed.  We like Tsai Ming-Liang, Roy Andersson, Colin Stetson, Romeo Castellucci or Dumb Type.

- How you see the field of performance art  in Spain ?
Well, in an ambiguous way: on one hand there is much interest in the subject, which shows a desire to revive, but otherwise there is also much intention of making a cliché of it, of creating scholasticism of a single type of performance art - the 60s kind of eschatological or morbid, minimal (for economic convenience, usually), anecdotally conceptual one - the things we already saw in the last 50 years but more and more captious and decaffeinated. Everyone may do what they want to do with their creative freedom and we respect that, but lately only such kind of performance art is presented,  and of that we are bored already.

- What is it you want to awaken the public to, 
and does what you finally elicit correspond to your expectations when creating the piece ?

We seek to provoke emotions without using concept, idea or narration.  To give to the one who watches it a piece with a lot of formal content and allow him freedom to build the concept himself.  And  from what people say after seeing it, we found out it works.
For us it is important the audience make certain that the piece they are watching is very elaborate and dense, and that we are not manipulating them with preconceptions.  Somehow we are achieving it, many people are surprised by the piece and say they did not know a work like that could be done, and that's very encouraging for us.

- Tell us about your creative process of how the concepts behind the performance are born?

We are tired of so much concept that usually hides the absence of formal work, so we never work from or commence from a previous concept. 
In fact, when creating the piece, we make a big effort to eliminate all that is narrative, descriptive or conceptual.
Our creative process stems from the accumulation of many visual, sound and movement ideas and their combinations and interaction. When we get a result that seems interesting is when we set the structure: what movement will go with what music, what kind of light … We analyze the general structure of the performance thoroughly, its points of tension and relaxation, and prevent the viewer from creating a thread in what is happening in front of him. The concepts and interpretations are created by each viewer, if they will.

- Where and when will the work be presented again?

We will be in Arte Open Views in May, curated by Barbara Bacconi, in collaboration with Federico Zanetti and with the support of the Anzo Foundation
We present our work once a month for curators, historians, cultural managers and press in open studios at our atelier in Madrid .

- Your next projects
We are constantly developing new material for the pieces, researching on materials, sounds and actions, many hours we spent on testing, research and development.  We are now working on the new project, provisionally titled "Kowloon", much remains to be done.

LRM Locus, March 2014