Goodbye 2020, welcome 2021


    During this abnormal 2020 we kept working on Luoghi,  while the plans for a presentation of Kowloon in London and Luoghi rehearsals await.  

We have been focusing on all the stuff that can be done at home, whilst working with new collaborators in the studio remains unsafe.

 We kept on working on our usual analog projections; we modified old machines and created the sort of "still life" backgrounds (or foregrounds, and in-between too) we need for some scenes 

We wanted to create watercolor-like scenes, with the difficulty of transfering these colours to live movement with light fixtures, projectors, props and performers. After much pondering we found a way, we will refine it in the studio;  you will see it in our presentation.

 Part of the music ( yes, we call it music, not sound-whatever) is also being prepared at home. 

We really hope the situation allows us to go on pretty soon, and does not leave a too profound scar on arts, especially live art. Trust human resilience.